Read This Job Change Checklist First.

You find yourself staring off into space while “working”. Or maybe you love what you do, but feel that you aren’t being compensated enough. Whatever the motivation, with each passing day, you’ve been on a low-­key job search. And now you have an offer or two on the table. Don’t take the plunge just yet. There are a few not­so­obvious factors to consider before changing jobs. The questions you should ask yourself are as unique as you are. “In my 20’s, work was all about advancement and climbing the corporate ladder; 30’s are about work/life balance,” says Joel Brenner, Marketing Director at National Franchise, 101 Mobility. “But in your 40’s, retirement should be of utmost consideration. Job changes become more difficult as you age, so pick something that you can do for the next 15+ years.”

Two years ago, Brenner left a C­-suite position at one of the nation’s leading mortgage companies. He moved across the country for a Marketing Director position – a department he had no experience in, at a relatively unknown franchise. Brenner “jumped in feet first and never looked back,” citing happiness as his motivation.

How can you get through this job change dilemma without regretting your decision? We’ve got you covered with an all­encompassing Job Change Checklist:

Career Advancement
● How realistic is it to receive a promotion within two years?
● What training opportunities are available?
● Is this a startup that may have room for you to create your dream position?
● Do the new responsibilities and objectives sound more exciting?
● Has there been a recent merger? If so, it is common for investment companies to eliminate positions and/or restructure departments within two years of the acquisition or merger.

● Will you receive more paid time off? What if you don’t use all of your P.T.O? Does the time rollover, will you be compensated for that time or does it disappear?
● Confirm 12 weeks of unpaid leave mandated under the Family and Medical Leave Act.
● Does your health plan include life insurance, dental coverage, a vision plan, maternity or paternity leave? What will it cost to extend those benefits to your family?
● What about perks like child care, tuition reimbursement, free gym memberships, paid sabbaticals, and flex­time?

Retirement Savings
● If you currently have a 401(k) and can rollover into a new employer’s 410(k), make sure the new investment options are just as attractive if not more.
● Considering an Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA) for maximum control? Speak to an expert to avoid taxes being withheld.
● Want to cash out? Expect to pay anywhere from 10­30% of your withdrawal to Uncle Sam.

Quality of Life
● Will there be a longer commute?
● Will the new position bring you closer to your long­term financial goals?
● How will the new job’s responsibilities utilize your greatest strengths?
● Can you see the potential new boss as a mentor?

Company Culture (after a tour of the office)
● How receptive is leadership to new ideas? Don’t be afraid to ask your potential boss about a time that his or her employees incited a major change and how he or she facilitated the team’s needs.
● Consider small things that can result in big frustrations – is there ample, safe parking nearby?

Does the workplace have ergonomic hardware and tools? Are noise levels satisfactory? A boost in pay is great, but there are more factors to consider before leaping into a job change. Do your homework and happy job searching!